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Logitech g29/g923/g920/g27/g25 Precision Mod Shifter Driving Force

Logitech g29/g923/g920/g27/g25 Precision Mod Shifter Driving Force

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🏎️ Logitech Precision Shifter Mod for G29/G923/G920/G27/G25 🔄

Transform your Logitech H-shifter with our GRD3D Precision Shifter Upgrade. Achieve more precise shifts and an enhanced driving feel with a specially designed, easy-to-install upgrade. For added aesthetic appeal, customize with an optional carbon fiber wrap. Installation is a breeze in under 5 minutes, guided by detailed instructions and a QR code included in the package.

🛠️ Easy Mounting: Simple installation process, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

🏁 Rally Knob Upgrade: Opt for the ergonomic rally knob for a more comfortable grip, enabling faster and precise shifts.

🌍 Sustainability Commitment: GRD3D utilizes recycled and recyclable packaging, demonstrating our dedication to sustainability.

🌟Quality 3D Printing: Crafted with high-quality 3D printing materials, all items are thoroughly tested before reaching the market.

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