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Pedals / Pedals Mod for Thrustmaster T3PA/T3PA GT

Pedals / Pedals Mod for Thrustmaster T3PA/T3PA GT

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This mod significantly improves the action of the Thrustmaster T3PA and TRPA GT pedal sets

🏎 The pedals are brought into a more vertical position (+35° compared to the original) making the pedal board more similar to the real arrangement of the pedals in the racing car especially if you use a Formula setup but also in case you have a GT setup.

In addition, it exponentially improves the action of the brake, appearing stiffer and with a more realistic movement.

The gas pedal is available with and without footrest depending on your preferences, the footrest is extremely rigid and resistant and helps keep your foot always ready on the pedal.

⚠️The pedals are available in two different materials:
- PLA + Carbon Fiber
The version with carbon fiber makes the pedal even more resistant but above all lighter and stiffer, considerably improving the sensitivity and precision on the pedals, especially as regards the brake.
In addition, all three have the possibility of being moved further to the right or to the left by simply changing the hole in which they are screwed.

❗️ It's also possible to buy the pedals in case you want to replace the original ones, plus the rougher surface than the original metal ones ensures greater grip, making them non-slip.

🛠️ Assembly takes less than 10 minutes, just remove the pedals and first screw the mod (if you bought it) with the screws in the kit and then the pedals always with the screws in the kit which are all the same to simplify montage

🇮🇹100% MADE IN ITALY🇮🇹

☘️ GRD3D uses packaging made with recycled material, and further recyclable.
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