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Phone Holder for Thrustmaster T300/T300rs/TX/TS-PC/t-gt/ts-xw

Phone Holder for Thrustmaster T300/T300rs/TX/TS-PC/t-gt/ts-xw

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Mounting Service
📱Compatible with Thrustmaster:
- T300
- T300RS
- T-gt
- Ts-xw
- T-gt2

🏎 This phone holder allows you to use your phone as a dashboard by being able to view your car's telemetry.

The raised and back position allows you to mount any mod, even very thick, without risking hitting the phone with your hands.

The phone holder is adjustable in height using two screws on the back, it moves about 3 cm to make it more versatile depending on the type of crown or steering wheel that is mounted

⏱️ Dashboards are visible whether you play PC or console. From PC it is necessary to use the SIMHUB software. While to use it on consoles, simply download the Dashpanel app for iPhone and SIM Dashboard for Android.

🛠️ Assembly takes less than 5 minutes, all the screws are supplied in the package, except the 4 that fix everything to the steering wheel since the 4 originals must be used. A QR code will be provided in the package which, if scanned, will lead to an assembly instruction video

⚠️Possibility to choose the assembly service, if selected the support will arrive already assembled, ready to be used, it will be sufficient to only follow the part of the instructions where the fixing procedure on the base is explained.

🇮🇹100% MADE IN ITALY🇮🇹

☘️ GRD3D uses packaging made with recycled material, and further recyclable.
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