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Phone Support for Fanatec CSL DD/Csw V2.5/CSL - Elite DD1 DD2

Phone Support for Fanatec CSL DD/Csw V2.5/CSL - Elite DD1 DD2

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‼️Compatibility with Models:
- Podium DD1, DD2
- Clubsport DD, DD+
- GranTurismo DD Pro
- CSL DD (8NM and 5NM)

📱 Interactive Dashboard for an Immersive Driving Experience! 📱

Our smartphone mount is designed to turn your phone into a powerful telemetry tool during your driving sessions. Supported Fanatec models include CSL DD, Csw V2.5, CSL Elite DD1, and DD2.

⏱️ Compatible with PC and Console!

- For PC: Use SIMHUB software to display your dashboards.
- For Console: Download Dashpanel app for iPhone or SIM Dashboard for Android.

🛠️Simple and Customizable Mounting:
Mounting is a breeze! Using the two existing screws on your wheelbase, simply remove and attach the phone mount. Height adjustment is customizable, allowing you to position your phone to your preference.

🌿 Eco-Friendly Packaging:
We care about the environment! We use recycled and further recyclable packaging to reduce our environmental impact.

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Make every driving session an extraordinary experience with the GRD3D Smartphone Mount. Order yours today and dive into the world of driving simulation! 🚀
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