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Shifter Paddles Grip for Thrustmaster T300/T150/Ts-PC/TX/tm-x

Shifter Paddles Grip for Thrustmaster T300/T150/Ts-PC/TX/tm-x

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Upgrade your driving experience with our precision laser-cut grip designed for Thrustmaster shift paddles. As seen in Formula 1 cars, this grip enhances paddle grip for optimal performance. Ideal for glove users, it can also be used without gloves.

⚙️ Notes:

- Easy application on the back of shift paddles.
- Effective with or without gloves.
- For ease, consider removing the wheel from the base during application.

⚠️ Note: If playing without gloves, it's possible that small sandy residue may remain on the fingers. This disappears after 10-15 minutes of play as the grip settles.

🌱 Environmental Commitment: GRD3D cares for the environment by using recycled and recyclable packaging.

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Elevate your driving precision with GRD3D's Laser-Cut Grip—optimal performance, minimal fuss! 🏎️💨
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