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Thrustmaster Steering Wheel Wall Mount with Magnetic Quick Release

Thrustmaster Steering Wheel Wall Mount with Magnetic Quick Release

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Wall display with magnetic quick release for Thrustamster steering wheels. This brand new system allows you to hook and unhook your steering wheels much faster.

Compatible with steering wheels for the bases:
- T300
- T300RS
- T-gt
- Ts-xw
- T-gt2

In addition to being useful, as it allows you to store a steering wheel when not in use, it is an excellent design object to add to your driving positions.

🛠️ Assembly takes less than 5 minutes. The support is fixed using 3 screws and dowels already present in the package.

⚙️The quick release allows you to quickly replace the crowns in use with those positioned on the supports, it works via a lever placed on one of the sides, if open it allows the rapid entry and exit of the steering wheels, if closed the steering wheels remain locked inside . Thus avoiding having to screw the steering wheels to the support, risking that they are in a non-horizontal position when they stop.

Some examples of Thrustmaster wheels that fit this display:
599XX EVO, Thustmaster Open Wheel Add On, Sparco Rally Wheel, TS-XW Racers Sparco P310 Wheel, TS-Pc Racers Ferrari 488 Challenge Wheel, TX leather 28GT Wheel, Ferrari 250 GTO Rim, Ferrari SF1000 Wheel, Ferrari F1 Wheel and much more !

🇮🇹100% MADE IN ITALY🇮🇹

☘️ GRD3D uses packaging made with recycled material, and further recyclable.
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