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Universal Killswitch Emergency-off

Universal Killswitch Emergency-off

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⚡️ This switch allows you to instantly cut power to the steering wheel motor, this allows you to stop it if you lose control. It can also be used as an on and off button, when released (with a small rotation) it instantly restores power to the steering wheel by turning it on.

To use it, simply connect the steering wheel socket to the universal adapter on one side and connect the cable coming out of the Kill switch to the socket, this means that once the emergency button is pressed, this instantly cuts off the current, to stop the steering wheel.

⚠️The socket on the Kill switch body is compatible with plugs:
- US
- EU

🔌 The plug is of the GERMAN type outgoing

Thanks to this article, the risk of injury is minimized, especially in the case of very powerful bases. In addition, thanks to its design, it is a very pleasant object to add to your driving position.

There are two possibilities to house it in your driving position:
- 3M double-sided adhesive
- PROFILE SUPPORT, a mounting plate with 2 holes will be supplied to house the 2 bolts and two nuts included in the kit, to hook the kill switch to a profile

🇮🇹100% MADE IN ITALY🇮🇹

☘️ GRD3D uses packaging made with recycled material, and further recyclable.
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